Tired of Staring at Dirty Floors and Dusty Surfaces?

Data Centre Cleaning

Data Centres build up large volumes of hazardous matter every day which can damage hardware and result in costly down time for your clients.

Dust particles and invisible ‘metallic whiskers’ from stair cases and racking can infiltrate delicate equipment and bring an organisation to a standstill.

At OneSource, we have the specialist personnel and materials to ensure your data centre is kept clean and free from damaging matter.

Standard cleaning is not suitable for data centres and can actually create larger build ups.

We perform an initial deep clean throughout the data centre, focusing on areas such as sub-floor voids, floor tiles, and hardware cabinets.

Following the deep-clean our ongoing service ensures the following areas are kept free from further build-up:

  • Under floors
  • Raised floor surfaces
  • Hardware cabinets
  • Hardware surfaces
  • HVAC coil cleaning
  • General surfaces cleaning

We provide post-build cleaning for new data centres, clearing away all building waste and debris.

Computer Room Cleaning
We provide specialist computer room cleaning using specialist materials to remove build-up from hardware, storage equipment and all areas of the room

Our specialist materials include:

  • Takcloths with interwoven fibres ensuring all matter stays within the cloth
  • High suction vacuuming with 3-stage HEPA-filtered vacuums
  • Metallic flooring cleaned with specialist anti-static materials and equipment
  • Floors stripped and recoated with proper floor finishes to prevent static or slip and falls

To learn more about our server room cleaning services please call 408.780.9400.

Some of our major clients:  



Our diverse commercial cleaning services are customized to each client's needs. One Source is a One-Stop-Shop to save you time and money.
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