Tired of Staring at Dirty Floors and Dusty Surfaces?

Go green

The impact of green cleaning goes way beyond the quality of your indoor environment. It also improves the quality of your health! Many companies are making health improving changes, remodeling and selecting materials with low-VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) paint, carpet, adhesives, wall covering, etc.

But, what about their cleaning products?

One gallon of concentrated cleaner can pollute two million gallons of water. That’s TWO Olympic sized swimming pools of water. Many cleaners contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which many scientists consider a health and environmental time bomb, affecting future generations as well as our own.


University of Georgia Study Published Sept 2003 Environmental Medicine reported VOC levels:

  • Scented products and perfumes: 81.2%
  • Cleaning Products: 88.4%
  • Pesticides: 81.2%
  • Tobacco Smoke: 82.6%


These can cause detrimental health and environmental issues. These components emit compounds that evaporate and become trapped in the air, filling your lungs as you breathe. This can cause drowsiness, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, respiratory problems. Ultimately, impacting productivity and efficiency within your business

At OneSource, we know that a clean building is much more than a shiny office. It means healthy employees, reduced health care expenses, increased productivity and minimized time off due to illness. Selecting your janitorial company is as important as selecting the car you buy. You need something reliable, durable, efficient… something to count on to get you to the next level.

How environmentally friendly are chemicals used in your facility. To find out visit: http://scorecard.goodguide.com/chemical-profiles/

Enter the name of the chemical ingredient. You will need the MSD Sheet to find the CAS number which should be provided by your business service contractor.

Scorecard was developed to help people understand the health effects of common synthetic chemicals.

This group is known as the Environmental Defense League. They helped ban DDT. They are a science based organization and they promote education.




Our diverse commercial cleaning services are customized to each client's needs. One Source is a One-Stop-Shop to save you time and money.
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