Tired of Staring at Dirty Floors and Dusty Surfaces?

About Us

At OneSource, our goal is to create a winning service experience for everyone involved. We believe “no two clients are the same; we work to fit your unique needs and habits." We custom design our work to fit your needs. OneSource can accommodate virtually any request and will work extensively to create the perfect menu of flexible services to meet individual client requirements.

Our aim is to be a growing business, delivering superior service and providing the best people while offering superb value. We achieve this with a dedicated management team that closely monitors your account. Whilst others pay lip service to the concept of customer service and personal attention our managers move mountains to make sure everything happens when it should and the way it should. Our strength is in our people, and that means giving you the opportunity to deal with a partnering team of professionals. For that reason, we have established a nationwide network of partners to help you get the most from your relationship with OneSource.


Our Employees

"People are at the heart of what we do."

Our work environment reflects a sense of community and encourages the personal and professional growth of each team member. Under the guiding values of teamwork, safety, integrity and diversity, our employees work hard to satisfy the customer. You'll find that their pride in a job well done means that no detail is missed.


We take training very seriously. All our staff are thoroughly trained to carry out their duties safely, efficiently and with a high level of technical skill. By encouraging our cleaners to see things from the client's point of view, to think like managers, to take responsibility and to use their initiative, we have raised our service standards to new levels of effectiveness. Multi-skilling and flexible working practices are other important factors, allowing us to deal with unexpected requirements, emergencies and one-off situations with ease.


Health and Safety
Health and Safety is an integral part of our operations, not something 'bolted on' to comply with the rules. All our staff understand this and the message is continually reinforced with training sessions and site meetings.


Our Mission
Our priority is to satisfy every customer, every time, through outstanding, personalized service! We are dedicated to the customer experience and are constantly evaluating how we can improve this experience.


Our diverse commercial cleaning services are customized to each client's needs. One Source is a One-Stop-Shop to save you time and money.
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